Landlord FAQs

Why Choose Calendar Club for your Shopping Centre?

Because, we are:

  • Totally focused on calendars, 365 days of the year
  • A destination store, driving footfall and enriching any shopping centre's overall retail offering at Christmas
  • The professionals and market leaders in specialist calendar retailing, stocking a range of up to 1,000 titles in store and 3,000 online
  • Over 16 years of trade as a specialist calendar retailer in the UK
  • The largest seasonal retailer in the world, trading from around 1,000 sites
How quickly can you react to an offer of real estate?
  • We can react within hours and can assemble a shop configuration within 48 hours
  • All Mall Units are assembled overnight
As a temporary unit, will you be able to conform to the same standards as the permanent units in our centre?
  • We pride ourselves on our outstanding store design and fixturing, with superb graphic window displays, which ensures that we can maintain the professional appearance of a permanent shop
  • A first class health and safety policy
  • We employ sharp point-of-sale graphics, calendar super-graphics, custom fixtures and constantly updated product displays
  • Permanent looking shop configurations can be assembled in less than 48 hours!
Why do you regard yourselves as a destination store?
  • Shopping centre owners and managers tell us again and again that our stores attract customers into their centres
  • We pride ourselves on having "the best selection of calendars in the known universeā„¢"
  • We do not restrict ourselves to having the top entertainment and football titles, but also have a wide selection of calendars catering for almost every taste, from dog and cat breeds to exotic travel destinations, literary subjects, artists, humorous and children's themes
How can you react to regional sales fluctuations so quickly ?
  • We monitor sales daily and replenish stores on a daily basis from our 12,000 square metre distribution centre in Exeter
  • Our EPOS and chain-of-supply systems are 'state of the art'
How are your stores managed ?
  • Local operators run each of our shops; this accounts for their enthusiasm
  • We provide training and guidance to our operators to guarantee that they can provide the best customer service
  • We have a team of territory managers who visit the stores, to ensure that there are no problems and to keep up standards

Very good display and knowledgeable staff.

Broad Street, Reading

Very pleased with Calendar Clubs service delivery.

Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth