Calendar Club Real Estate Requirements

Real Estate Requirements

We're looking for over 300 Mall & Shop units throughout the UK and Ireland

Following an extremely successful Christmas, during which Calendar Club traded from 300 units throughout the country, we are once again seeking to secure representation in as many shopping centres and high streets as possible for the coming season. Are you looking for exceptional extra rental income? We're ready to deal on any terms including turnover-based leases.

Shop Units

This season we are again looking for about 150 shop units in prime locations from about the end of October until early/mid January.

Depending on the unit, we are generally looking for selling space of around 800 - 1,000 square feet (75-90 square metres), but can go down to as little as 300 square feet (28 square metres) or as much as 2,000 square feet (185 square metres), plus storage.

We of course understand that landlords are generally looking for a long term tenant and will often wait until the last possible moment before commitment, so in certain circumstances we are prepared to sign a license agreement which entitles the landlord to pull out before October 1st. This eases the pressure on trying to get 150 leases signed and 150 shop units opened within a two-week period!

Mall Units

We can react to offers of space within hours and can fully assemble and stock a shop configuration within 48 hours, but the more notice we receive, the better we can complete the job.

This season we are looking for as many mall units as possible in shopping centres, with a view to trading from as early as mid-September until mid/late January in some cases. Ideally, we would like to build a unit 11 feet (3.35 metres) in width by 17 feet (5.18 metres) in length to form a double H configuration. We also need a 2 feet by 4 feet (60 cm by 120 cm) till area to be connected to electricity. We are able to adapt our configuration depending on the space available.

Although we can store some calendars within the retail unit, a small storage area is often essential for receiving deliveries, stock handling etc. We are able to be very flexible and can build against walls or under stairways if necessary.

Sometimes much smaller configurations are viable. Please contact our Real Estate team for more details.